What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Complete Guide

Artificial Intelligent meaning:-

AI artificial intelligence infographic

It means giving the ability to computer or machines to do and think their own task and ability to learn and improve them. A common term in machine learning, deep learning
AI cameras, Text recognition, etc.


There are three types of artificial intelligence

1) Weak: – We have made this artificial intelligence today they are only capable of taking certain levels of decisions that we have programmed to do something. For example Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Sophia robot, apple Siri, etc.

2) Strong: – We are near to make this type of ai which is capable of making their own decisions and can program their own codes.

3) Singularity: – This is the level where the machines will be more intelligent than humans and it would be possible that this will be the last inventions of humans that we will discuss afterward in our article.

 Myths about AI

  1. It exists in robotic for many people believe that AI will exist in the robotic form but it is not true it can also exist in data form and can control any machines. It is also possible that the Internet converts into AI.

2)  Machine learning is different than AIMachine learning is infect part of Ai is real words.

3) Super AI will take few years to complete is partially true because here a few means many decades or might be never due to high authority or any calamity to go as per technology advancement and time passes.

4) AI will be an evil always. It’s is also possible AI helps us and takes care of us as we protect animals but Ai might be evil as we treat sometimes to some animals.

How is AI made?

AI is made with neural and complex coding which gives them the ability to learn and develop it too. Some commonly used languages to program ai are Python, lisp, java, R, etc.

Advantages of Ai:-

If AI helps us and be friendly with us then there will be a huge impact and uses of Ai

1) They can help us to become immortal and that is why many people are ready to take risk of developing Ai till singularity.

2) More construction and technology expansion possible which is not predictable today.

3) Expansion and making new homes in different planets giving us an ability to become type 2 and 3 civilization.

Disadvantage of Ai:-

1) There is only one disadvantage which is a question mark to human civilization because if they think us as a threat for their existence they will definitely destroy and we will not be able to defend that disaster.

Field’s in which we are using Ai today:-

1) Biological field: – we are using ai based robotic equipment in medical surgeries to make fewer human errors.

2) Searches:- Indirectly all the searches we do on famous search engines which shows the accurate results is due to Ai intelligence running beside it.

3) Ecommerce: – Famous eCommerce uses Ai to show customers most accurate product they will be willing to buy.

4) Smart appliances: – Product like Amazon Alexa is good example of ai base appliances.

5) Smart Robot: – companies nowadays use many smart robots to make work more efficiently and effectively


Now you comment use is AI worth of creating in comments personally I Prefer to give a try seeing their positive impacts…

Quick Revision

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence?

It means to give machine ability to learn, understand, think commonly giving them

Types of AI or Artificial intelligence?

There are 3 types weak , strong and singularity.

Advantages of AI or Artificial intelligence?

There many Advantages of AI and almost every field need AI as it give more efficiency and low cost.

Disadvantages of AI or Artificial intelligence?

It might be threat to human existence if they take us as threat too their life.

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