Google Fonts: The ultimate guide and best font to use.

What are Google fonts?

Google Fonts is a directory of authorized and open-source fonts with SIL Open Font License that can be used freely with Web, android through API with the help of CSS and android.

Why use Google Fonts?

  • Google Fonts are few of the best free font in the globe with beautiful designs.
  • They can be easily integrated with the developer-friendly API.
  • Great for SEO of websites.
  • Wide Range of different category font more than 965+

How to Install Google Fonts on Computer?

Step 1 Go to Google fonts and download your favorite fonts

Google Font download

Step 2 Install OpenType font files through right-click and install option.

Step 3 You will find it in your software font options

Best Google Fonts to Use

1. Roboto

Roboto google font

2. Montserrat (I use this personally)

Montserrat google font

3. Lato

Lato Google fonts

4. Poppins

Poppins Google Fonts

5. Ubuntu

Ubuntu Google font

6. Muli

Muli Google Font

7. Open Sans

Open sans Google font

8. Lora

Lora Google font

9. Oswald

Oswald Google font

10. Raleway

Raleway Google font

These are some Cool and professional recommended fonts their many other you can explore according to your preferences like old, calligraphy, etc.

Is Google Font worth of Use?

Yes, Offcourse for web and app fonts It is best and recommended to use google but for graphic design purposes like logo, Text Effect, illustration, etc there will always be a need for custom fonts to create a better design.

How to Get Free Fonts Other than Google Fonts?

Websites like 1001font, da fonts, etc provide many open-source fonts. Also, you can use Adobe font as an alternative to google Fonts.

Common Questions

What Are Google fonts?

Google font is the directory of SIL open font license Fonts.

Is Google Font Free to use?

Yes, it is 100% free to use.

Google Font alternative?

Adobe Font is the best alternative of google fonts.

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