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Blogging Overview

What is Blogging?

Blogging means a passion for spreading knowledge to the world through writing on digital format ie through your website or blogging.

How to do Blogging?

There are 3 main ways you can start blogging

  1. Blogger, medium or tumbler (simple beginners level platforms)
  2. CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc)
  3. Custom Html (Text markup language), CSS and other programming language website (very complicated I don’t recommend it)

What is CMS?

CMS means a content management system where you can manage your content easily and do many other things like SEO, create pages, etc easily. One of the most popular CMS is WordPress and I highly recommend you to start with it. WordPress handle over a quarter of the world’s websites.

What do you need for blogging?

For Starting you can use free tools like blogger medium etc but if you are looking to create blog what gives you earning these are the things I highly recommend you to purchase

  • hosting
  • domain
  • themes and plugin
  • one site audit tools


What is hosting?

Hosting means of a server where you can operate and store your data.

How to choose hosting?

There are many types of hosting but I recommend you to go with shared hosting at starting it will also include WordPress SSL domain free at low price.

See the Different types of hosting full post

What is domain?

The Domain is the name or property on your site from which Google can index your website.

What type of domain to choose?

I highly recommend you to go with it high TLD Domain like .com .net .org etc and if you targeting local audience then go with .in .ca country-wise TLD

Best way to get domain?

There are many well-reputed domain providers like Godaddy, big rock, Namecheap, etc.

But if you are planning to purchase hosting then you can get a domain for 1 year free.

What are themes and plugins?

Themes give your site great design and editing power where you can easily edit and customize your site.

Plugins give your site extra functionality in your CMS system there are thousands of different types of themes available in WordPress.

Best themes for blogger?

When it comes to blogger it is very difficult to find best or it is very hard to edit and customize.

Yeah is the best blogger templates list

Best themes and plugins for WordPress?

There are thousands of themes available for free and paid for a different purpose

In my recommendation

The best free theme for blogging is Ocean WP and Astra and best-paid themes is newsmag.

We cannot find the best plugin due to different functionality but here is the list for most essential wordpress plugins that you should have as a blogger.

What is Site audit tools?

They are the tools what analysis your site on-page SEO, off-page SEO, speed, keyword research, etc.

Best SEO audit tool?

There are many SEO tools here is the list of best SEO tools.

My personal favorite is ahref and semrush.

ahrefs is paid
semrush has 1 free plan


What is SEO?

Seo means search engine optimization and it is responsible for your google ranking.

Factor Affecting SEO?

There is numerous factors affecting SEO. Some of the most important are backlinks, page speed, content length, etc

Here is the complete List of factors affecting SEO

How to optimize site for Seo?

There are two type of SEO:-

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

You have to fully optimize your site for both of them. Obviously google change its algorithms so we cannot get a trick to rank fast but doing SEO with Definitely increase Chances.

What is On page SEO?

On Page SEO mean optimizing your site content like content length, title meta description, etc. You can use free plugins like Yoast, rank math do see your content is optimized or not and how to improve it.

Check the post on the full detail of On page SEO

What is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO means getting exposure or showing the Google “We have a Good Reputation and our content is Best” It includes link building, social singles, etc

Here is the Complete post on Off page SEO.

How to Write a Post?

How to write a Blog post ?

Writing a blog post Doesn’t means that just start typing and saying that we will get traffic on the blog well it’s not true. These are certain things you should remember.

Here is the Complete Checklist on writing a blog

How many blog post to write?

Well, it depends If you have a micro-niche blog than writing quality content is better than writing 2-3 posts per day but the same doesn’t apply to news site.

How many words to write in an article?

An Recent study by brian found that word count 1800+ tends to rank higher than low word count. I recommend you to write 1800-2500 words articles.

Should I write all post?

In my opinion, No You should outsource some articles to professional freelancer it will save your time and energy and you can focus on different things. Fiverr is the best place to do so. Also, accept the paid posts and guest posts on your site.

Basic things That Blogger should Follow

Setup Google Search Console

Setup of google search console includes

  • Verifying site
  • submitting sitemap
  • and much more

Here is the complete guide on setup google search console

Setup Google Analytics

Setup of google analysis is simple and easy for all platform here is post to do so

Reply Comments

Replying comments on post engage the users as well as it is the positive effect on ranking

Update Post and Content

Updating Old content help in getting an instant boost as well as no need to post the same thing again and again instead updated it

Make Blog Beautiful

Here are something you must follow to make the blog design attractive

  1. Use the popular and speedy theme
  2. Remove unnecessary ads
  3. Use One color scheme
  4. Use professional logo, photos, and design on the blog ( Use website like fiverr, design hill to hire professional designers)

Here is the full blog post on Making blog attractive and user-friendly

Make Blog GDPR compaint

It is a vast topic and I highly recommend you to see this post-

Monetize Your Blog

If you are earning from your blog then what it matter I highly recommend to read this post on different ways to Monetize your Blog

Advance blogging Tips

Rank fast through google news?

Google news is a great opportunity to get instant traffic to your blog whether you are in any niche if you can post some news regarding it then apply for google and bing news.

Here is the complete post on google news.

How to Enable AMP?

AMP means accelerated mobile page which has been designed for speed to the mobile user and of course, speed is a ranking factor.

See the complete step to enable amp on wordpress.

Build authority Banklinks?

Building backlink is the backbone of SEO and where these strategies come in play

Some common link building strategies are

  • Guest posting
  • Commenting
  • Buying backlinks
  • Directory submission

See complete advanced link building strategies here

Do social Media interaction with user

This will only work if you are not shy of camera like me and probably you are not RIGHT

  1. Facebook:- Create an active FB page and reply to the post.
  2. Instagram:- Create a personal profile and be active
  3. Twitter:- Create profile and post news, offer, and post updates to grab traffic
  4. Youtube:- Create an youtube channel on your niche and post regular videos as it second biggest search engine and you have to drive solid traffic.
  5. Podcast and collaboration:- Meeting same niche people help both to grow and exchange their audience and podcast and collabs are the best ways to do so.

Here is a complete post on social media marketing


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