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To know about how to claim copyright or make a case of copyright against anyone you must know what copyright is …

What is Copyright?

It’s basically ownership of your own art, music, logo or any intellectual property. The penalties of infringement it varies between 200$ to 150000$ depending upon damages

How to register copyright or trademark?

There are different ways of registering a copyright or trademark (note they both are different) you can be a copyright owner if you create it yourself if you create it but for a brand or company it necessary to make it copyright and trademark you can appoint a lawyer or do it online yourself on different websites of different countries.

How to claim copyright infringement?

If your work is stolen by someone and put on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc big companies then there is a section where you can submit your request on deleting content, file a case or share revenue.

You can find that links below:-

Google, YouTube or its products: – click here

Face book: – here  

But make sure that you own it and have proof or else it can be harmful to you

What if its use offline or in other ways like pirating etc?

In this case, you must ask a lawyer or can file a case it will be judge in court so it’s a big process take the advice of lawyers and experts.

Some tips to avoid copyright infringement?

1) Always read terms and conditions before submitting a design or other intellectual property to anyone online. For example, a contest of 350$ for a photo every one submits and all their copyright they take if you tick the T&C even if you don’t win too and you cannot use it again (many companies do that).

2) Always put watermark

3) if your work is stolen you are innocent always claim for it.

4) Use free stock that is for commercial use like pixabay is the free stock photo distributer.

5) Make license and agreements wherever necessary.

This was basic information that you must know laws are different in all countries so you must take lawyers’ advice before making any big issue.


You should be always careful in using or distributing stuff it might be copyrighted or trademarked of someone.

Quick Revision

How do you avoid copyright infringement?

The simple answer is don’t use others’ work nor give anyone your work without permission.

What are the penalties for copyright infringement?

It might vary from 100$ to 150000$ according to damages and prison too

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