How to Create Your own SEO tools?

What are SEO tools?

Seo tools give detailed information on a particular site like speed, page analysis, domain analysis, and many more different things.

Why it is important to create tools for your site?

There are many reasons to do so some of the most common reasons are

  1. traffic generation
  2. Show ads and earn money
  3. increase brand value

Here are some states show why it is important?

Traffic data

Different ways of Building your own Seo tools?

  1. By hiring developer or agencies to do this for you which time consuming and need a huge budget on other side tools you create is unique and extra original. It applies to any tools other than SEO.
  2. By Php Plugins and script. It is one of the most cost-efficient and easy ways to make your own tools and in this post. I will show you some awesome scripts

Why PHP script?

It is easy to set up with c-panel and they will also provide u tutorials for that and also easy to customize. Still, if you don’t find it easy hire a developer in low cost to do so

Top SEO tools scripts that you can buy right now?

Website review

An ultimate PHP script with website analysis, PageSpeed Insights, Link Extractor, Content Analysis, etc.

Turbo SEO tool

I love this one as it has almost everything an SEO tool needs. Just check it out.

A to Z tools

It’s Not a complete analysis tool but it has separate 50+ Seo and other tools. 100% customizable.


It is also a great SEO tool script with great UI and has many features.

Can I implement it is WordPress?

Yes, you can do so but it is a technical matter and I would suggest you hire an developer. Most Probably u will need c-panel, PHP support in hosting, and you cannot do it with this type of URL.



There are many ways to make our own Seo tools and I have discussed Everything then also have question Comment below I will try to answer it soon.

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