Types of logos: Which one should Choose 2020

As a graphic designer or business entrepreneur, you must choose the best type of logo for a company, So let’s explore the different types of logos and their name, 

1) wordmark logo:-  

tempmock google wordmark logo

As shown google is the best example of a wordmark logo and its main use for websites. This type of logo you can use for your websites and blogs it makes them look creative and simply cool.    

2) abstract logo:-  

The above example of Pepsi is an abstract logo. It’s basically a symbol that will represent your brand perfectly afterward. It should be remembered and simple.   

3) Emblem logo:-  

Examples of Harley Davidson, Starbucks, etc are examples of emblem or vintage logo. If your company or agency is related to an old or vintage theme then this will be the best choice for you.  

4) Combination logo:-  

Example are Doritos, burger king, etc. Its basically a combination of pictures and works like in the above examples. It best for food and automobiles brands.  

5) Mascot logo:-  

An example of it is KFC. Its can be different type like face, animal, etc its mostly cartoonist mascot of something. Its the best of niche brands and websites because it’s catchy.  

6) Face logo :-  

we cannot show you face logo sample as it creates copyright and privacy issue YouTubers like bb ki vines use the same type of logo as it is trending and new style for personal and youtube logos.   

7) Letter mark logo:-      

NASA is a good example of a letter mark logo. its basically a graphical representation of work. Its main use for 4 or less than 4 letters or using short form of a company like Amul. It makes it easy to understand.   

8) 3D Logo:-

3D logo blog tempmock

This is a logo created by us which has a 3D effect and fancy look it’s basically catchy and visualizable easily. You can create this type of logo for events and celebrations.   

9) Symbolic logo :-    

Apple and Nike are a good example of it. Its a graphical symbol which will show your brand value. It’s the first choice of the entrepreneur as it’s simple and easy to recognize this type of symbols has helped many brands to grow    

10) Totally unique logo:-  

Many graphic designers are combining all category all making a messy logo but we don’t prefer that as it makes logo untidy but sometimes it works well.


Now I am Pretty Sure That You will know what to design or choose for a particular logo.

Quick Revision

What are the different types of logos?

There are many of them are abstract, symbolic, a letter mark, work mark, emblem, etc.

Why it is necessary to understand logos types?

As a designer you need to know what type of logo will be best for a client, As a client, you take to decide which style you wanna go with.

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