Email marketing alternatives that work far better

Before we start one thing Email marketing still work very well if you have a great list here is post on growing email list

1) Push Notification

Have you ever notice something like these on a different website.

push notification example

If yes then this is Push notification! If your users allow it you can send them notification directly to their browser every time you promote some content or launch new products or offers.


  • Works as a mental Triggers to your visitor.
  • It can be used for various purposes again and again like for abandoned cart, new release post and much more.
  • It is simple then email no complicated verification hence users easily converts.

Tips to follow

  • Don’t Spam the notification
  • Show Catchy headline Like “See our Latest Post How to get Killer Backlinks”


You can easily Implement Push Notification with subscriber, one signal or any other service provider mainly basic plan is free and charges for upgrades.

2) Through messaging

And recent case study shows that messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. CTR is much higher than email marketing. Also sometimes live chat converts better than emails.


  • More Personalize.
  • Build curiosity from notification via messaging providers.
  • Build trust due to one on one contact.

Tips to follow

  • Always right short messages because no one is gonna read a whole post in a message.
  • Use the embedded link in a post-it attracts users.
  • Try to make content that can easily be viral with social triggers for exclusive information.
  • Attach any images give video it will attract user.


You can easily do Bulk messaging through software or services like a mobile monkey. It is an awesome service for sending bulk messages on facebook Messanger.

3) Quizzes and landing page

Using landing page with quizzes convert more than email especially when you are offering something free like a report or an Ebook.


  • Get more info and interest of users and visitors.
  • It is involving and catchy then simple email popup.
  • Due to privacy issues, people who are interested only fill quizzes.

Tips to follow

  • Make a quiz between 5 – 10 questions.
  • Don’t ask sensitive or privacy questions.
  • Always use call to action it will increase your chance to get leads like getting free courses, E-book or chance to feature on our blog, etc.


There are many CRM platforms that provide facilities of making interacting Quizzes and embedding it to website. 

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