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Top 10 features and tools of photoshop   This features are very useful while doing manipulation or other photo editing work  

1) Actions

To activate this go to windows and select action panel a set will appear like this in image  

action panel photoshop

You can do hard works like dispersion, watercolor art easily with this in a minute you will find many actions as free and paid you can google it.  

2) Layer panel  

Yes layer panel is basic need as it most important part of photoshop. We must take it in the list To activate this go to windows menu and then layer option.  

layer panel photoshop

3) Pen tool  

The best tool for selection, filling, making shapes, cut and copy and much more you can do many thing with this   See the image to see pen tools location or press P You will know how to use pen tool by seeing this video click here to watch  

4) 3d render  

3d render is one of the best tools to make design more clear and beautiful it’s the must tool to design 3d logos to anything using photoshop.   To render go to 3d menu and then render option it will take time to render   5) Filter gallery   It is a collection of filter that you can use while editing but very few using it. You can make many effect like cartoonist in just few min so use it well To activate this go to filter menu then filter gallery  

filter gallery photoshop

6) Liquify and oil paint  

It is an another great tool were you can make shape look like liquify or oil painted. It is also use to stretch the image or shapes to give them unique look   To activate this go to filter menu and then select liquify or oil paint option  

7) Ctrl + T  

It the most use shortcut that you must know with this you can select a layer and then change size, transform, flip, wrap, perspective etc so it best thing to remember while doing photoshop  

8) Ruler  

Ruler help you in making grids which is very important will doing designs by knowing this also many designer don’t use grids in design   By pressing ctrl R you can activate rulers  

9) Character panel  

Using character panel make easy to edit font and its size and shapes also helps in reducing spaces or increasing it   To activate this click on Window menu and then character option  

10) Adjustment  

Many adjustment like contrast, brightness etc are needed while editing photo so it the most important option to visit so that you can edit it properly   To Visit this open image menu and select adjustment option   Please comment below you best photoshop tool or feature and share this post to every photoshop lover

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