Golden ratio | ultimate guide to learn Golden ratio logo

Benefits of making golden ratio logo or graphic design so let’s start  

What is golden ratio?  

This is the most common questions you will face so basically it is a ratio of circle obtain from rectangle and square it was been use from more than 2000 year ago and it is now also use in many field like graphics design, architecture, art, etc.   

To know how to draw it you may click here good tutorials on YouTube   

Here is an simple infography for creating logo To watch tutorial click the above link  

Golden ratio logo infographic design

Now let’s discuss the benefits of it  

1) perfect measure   

Yes through golden ratio method the best thing u get is symmetry and perfect dimension.   

2) make it creative and perfect   

It make logo look more creative and good looking as it give nice look to it  

3) You get an vector easily   

Yes through it you can make a easy vector and without taking more but first you must be a master in it  

4) It’s easy to do  

As in tutorial after making sketch it will be very easy and less time consuming and you will get more 💰  But you need practice of visualizing and making it look perfect.

So next time are you using golden ratio then tell us comment below

What is golden ratio?

It is the ratio of circle obtain from rectangle and square.

Where golden ratio is use?

Golden ratio is used in architectural, graphic field, signs etc.

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