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Top 5 Best carrier in future regarding design

This are very hard and care taking streams so without proper courses and knowledge is not possible to get jobs and doing freelancing  Yes but if you master it be sure you will make dozen of dolor everyday…

1) VFX  

As movies and craze of vfx movies are increasing. It has open million of job and business opportunities. There are many passive income sources of earning too in this field like making courses about it as it is not more explore   Skill needed :- VFX software knowledge as this is graphic design blog we cannot give more information you must take courses for this.

2) 3d modeling and Holograms  

You must heard about 3d printing and hologram there very few people who can make a great type of design and models so if you like this is the upcoming trend be ready   Skill require :- 3ds max software, interior designing and some understanding of market you can take    courses of it, etc  

3) Ui/Ux design  

Ui/Ux is the trending now many people has already doing this as the market requirement is big you can still get more job here and charge enough too   Skill require :- Photoshop, some research strategy and understanding of market ( if you know programming you will get more money to do development too) etc  

4) Motion graphic designer :- 

As the videos are making huge profit instead of articles or photos the requirement of motion designer is very high you can make intro,review,promos motion graphic designer

Skill require :- Adobe after effect or any video editor 
                       Here you can get free help while editing
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5) Product designer

Product designing in basically make design of innovating ideas or re-branding and Modify product design. If you are expert of it there are 100% chance of hired by research and product development firm.

Skill require :- CAD software knowledge, 3ds max knowledge
                         market research, communication etc

Conclusion :- 

There will be great new opportunies in design field but past needs like cataloge, logo, flyer are decreasing due to templates and website like canva and free softwares

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