How to create perfect Graphic Portfolio

Top 8 tip for making portfolio that you must know…

1) Make in on behance, dribbble, or at your own website

Making a portfolio is essential step so I personally prefer make your own website so that that you can get all control you can do it at very cheap rate you just need domain and hosting or an alternative is behance or dribbbles

2) Separate different types of design 

Separating the design in different category make its easy and more professional as well or else you can making different portfolio for different designs

3) Use mock up

There are many mock ups available in market for free which you can use from making it looks goods Its will improve its look and make it more realistic.

4) Use creative tag line and logo

Brand yourself make a logo of yourself and a amazing tag line eg my work speak itself such a great line it was use your own tag line
don’t copy anyone

5) Use social sharing 

Put social sharing icons it will improve your shares and follower but also make a trust as you are active on social media Its the most important steps and compulsory provide this network facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest others are linkeden, reddit, instagram etc

6) Make it creative 

Make some creative stuff or present it in creative way like we have seen a website where things where put in rolling manner and they were getting most project so make our website with some creative but simple

7) Focus on one best skill

Focus on one best skill like if you do logo design best give more and best sample of it and put other design some low category it will attract people more

8) Give some proof if possible

Give the project name you created this design for so that they get assured that its not copy or showing wrong things as now a day many designer just copy design for freepik and make portfolio

If you want help then go on our help section get a free tips regarding graphic design click here

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