Top 10 Graphic designer carrier Paths

Top 10 Graphic designer carrier path &  streams huge opportunity that you miss

One thing you must know is if you choose any field you must be passionate and don’t think on instant earning in it you first learn and be professional you will get success…

1) Freelancer job stream
The best and most chosen field in graphic design is freelancing but nowadays there is no more money in it or you have to work very hard for achieving good income

2) Full time jobs in companies
Graphic design is one of the major needs of companies as market is growing to attract people so if you are a good graphic designer anyone will appoint you with min 15000rs salary per month

3) News and media job
Today many media company hires designers for part time of complete a design in less time you can search for this type of job on social media

4) Comic and character job stream
Be a professional character maker it’s in very demand and very few know how to make a character better and nice you must be good in drawing too. If you become professional then it’s confirm that you will get great money job or orders gaming company will be best choice to approach

5) Fashion designer job stream
A good fashion and apparel designer will get more chance of earning many designers just do logo and stationary designing but not explore better choices like this

6) Psd web designing job stream
You can start designing psd website template and sell them or can take order and do designing according to them and of course if you do some basic coding it will be more better you can also make a simple html version and charge more

7) Font creator job stream
You can create your own font and sell it and by doing this you can get a very huge passive income and also if you become expert in it companies will offer you to make special font and letter design

8) Make festival design and sell it
You can make design on trending topics and festival and can sell it or can distribute it free by uploading it to pay per download site and make money thought them you make a good domain website

9) Info graphic job stream
Its new and trending graphic design form where you make visual form of data. Today many companies are giving thousands of dolors for these types of designs but you must be professional and well educated in it

10) Sell your artworks and earn
This is the most common way to earn passive income as graphic designers you can sell graphics in bundle it will attract more people on it but selling promoting is a tough work so be sure before doing it

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