Link Building Strategy 2019 using semrush

One of the biggest ranking factor is backlinks but not just that quality backlinks with brings traffic so today I will show the best way to drive quality traffic with one of the best free and paid tool semrush

Some points to be noted are:-

1 banklink from 60-70 da pa site is better than 100 backlinks from 1-20 da pa sites but instead do make some low quality backlink it show google that we are not doing paid advertisement with big websites.

Today anchor tab of backlink is very important
Anchor tab “tempmock” or specific keyword like ” seo”  is more important and anchor tab like “this website”  or “click here”
Images, infographic and video backlinks perform well than just url
Some backlinking techniques that do not work well after google rank brain updates are

1) Commenting this was one of the best ways to get backlink some months ago but now most of the high da pa blogs do not allow spammy backlinks because it affect there website seo and block auto commenting software through captcha.

2) Auto backlink generator
the truth behind auto backlink generator is that most of backlink are nofollow and the remaining are toxics and spam backlink which is even worst than no banklinks.

3) Don’t exchange backlink
Google algorithm finds and crawl exchange backlinks and can mark it as spam or toxic and it can affect your ranking.

4) Interconnected backlink
Many people interlink there own 7-20 websites with each other but the real truth is it will not work in long run and can affect your SEO and ranking very badly.

5) Nofollow backlinks
Do not waste time is building nofollow backlinks from sites like quora, pinterest etc. they can give you traffic but not ranking. If you are aiming for google ranking it will not work but for bing, yandex etc it still works.
So taking care of this stuff let’s start steps to build backlinks
Step 1

Use link building tool of semrush and follow this steps
1) search your domain and find the best link building opportunities in your niche

2) Then add the top website recommendation and go to in progress section

3) See the contact information and outreach strategy here are some outreach strategy like guest post, add to link and many more

Now do as I said to get best chance to get backlinks from a particular site.

1) See their broken link through free broken link checker tools then see if you can replace it with your link if yes then proceed forward and mail website owner or editorial about this there are 70% chance of getting backlink Use this email format with some extra stuff like infographic, images, case study etc.
Hello there,
My name is “name” owner or editorial of this “website”  I have some broken links on your website
List of broken links
You can replace it my website same and updated content
List of my links
Here are some of my Infographic, images and videos that you might attach too with my source to “website url”
Hope it will Help
2) See for the guest post opportunities if they accept guest post write a good 2000+ word article with images, steps, case study and almost everything helpful  and send them if they accept well and good if not re post on your blog or find another sites.  Don’t forgot to link your site with guest post.

Here is the format you should use to send  pitch if require

Hello there,
I am “name” owner of “website” has decided to guest post on your site can you please suggest me some ideas
Here are some topics I can write on
I have attach some sample of my writing
“Link to your existing content”
Hope u reply as soon as possible
3) Search for website with manual link outreach strategy listed in semrush. It’s basically directory or submission websites where you can sign up and put your link or content and drive some traffic and quality backlink but not go for spammy submission tools it will affect SEO.

After you do this steps there is 80% chance of getting backlink to monitor this backlink process semrush and a very good monitor section where you see whether your request is accepted or decline also get ideas to reapply it again afterwards.
Last but not least remove unwanted and toxic backlink which can be build by your competitors hackers etc you can check this out through backlink audit tool of semrush and remove

Step 1
Connect your semrush with google console account and find the overall report of toxic and non toxic url semrush will automatically find url which are toxics with their algorithms and then you can proceed further.

Step 2
Backlink Removal
For your convenience of clearing toxicsbacklink profile, SEMrush provides many useful options listed below:-
If you sure with toxic toxic backlink removal, add a link to the Disavow list to generate a .txt file and send it to the Google Disavow Tool
If you think to contact website owner simply through semrush with one click and semrush will provide you with email
If you think that this backlink is not harmul simply white list this with semrush interface
Step 3
Send Removal Request
Google Webmaster Guidelines suggest that before disavow toxic backlink you should send removal request to website owner and send them premade email template made by semrush through there interface with just one click
Step 4
Disavow backlinks
Monitor the backlink removal progress if website owner don’t remove backlinks then disavow them using google disavow tools with simple semrush interface you can monitor and remove toxics backlink easily.
Wanna know that what is semrush

Semrush is the leading SEO research tools from where you can spy your competitor and also take care of your ranking factor with all powerful tools like SEO audit, Backlink Audit, organic traffic research and almost any seo tools you will require in free and paid version.
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