50 Best ways to make money around 1000$ online in 2020

50 Best way to earn money online that you can start now at home totally free or with some investment.
Written by tempmock

1 youTube

Maximum people will already be knowing about this option as it is one of the most popular options of earning in which you have to start a YouTube channel with a particular niche and then can monetize the video or earn by sponsorship or by selling merchandise.

2 affiliate marketing

You can sell another product to your audience by taking some Commission through popular websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

3 blogging

Through AdSense, you can earn money by placing the ads on blogging site or you can earn through
Affiliate marketing or paid guest posts or paid Promotion is one of the best ways to build an audience.

4 selling online

Selling your own product online through sites like amazon eBay Alibaba Flipkart etc. You can reach a worldwide audience for your product.

5 through app

You can make an app using free sites like makeroid, appsgeyser, sketchware, etc and then publish it on Play Store and monetize it through Admob or other networks.

6 create a digital product

Creating digital products or software is the best way to earn money online is it will give you lifetime earning and later you can sell it at Higher prices like online calculators, keyword research tools, SEO websites, etc. It takes a long time and investment to build a nice digital product in which people actually buy so first research on an idea.

7 dropshipping

This type of online earning is done by creating an eCommerce website where you sell low price products at higher rates through ads and marketing you can use simple tools like Shopify to create an amazing website.

8 domain buy and sell

You can purchase a high-quality domain and then sell it at high prices.

9 earning apps and games

Today there are many apps and games available on Play Store which provide money on doing a simple task but I don’t recommend this as it takes lots your time.

10 trading

You can trade cryptocurrency and dollars through apps like IQ binary, expert option, etc what research more about this market to get better benefits before investing.

11 Selling digital design and photos

You can sell your designs and photos on the website such as Shutterstock, creative market, Envato market, etc.

12 freelancing

Today many companies hire freelancers to do their work so if you have any special skills then start working on sites like up work, Fiverr, etc.

13 independent publisher

You can publish your book on a platform like Amazon, Flipkart, etc start earning money through selling it.

14 audiobooks

You can also earn by creating audiobooks or summaries of books or your own book and sell it online.

15 work as an influencer

You need to build an audience to become an influencer through social media or youtube

16 through podcast

The podcast is another great way to interact with your audience and sell them products or sponsor any product.

17 online survey

There are many websites that pay for giving online service including Google you can find Google app open Play Store google opinion or website Google user experience.

18 PPC sites

There are many genuine PPC sites who give you money for seeing and clicking ads. (I personally don’t recommend this at all)

19 short URL

By doing your URL short and promoting it you can earn decent money there are many people who are earning thousands of dollars through it.

20 through gaming

By doing live streaming of games like pubg, GTA V, fortnite, etc you can get lots of followers and donations.

21 sell old goods

You can sell your old goods on websites like OLX, Quikr, etc and save lots of money

22 purchase old good and sell on another website

You can purchase old goods sell at higher prices on other websites buy repairing it.

23 online website broker

You can be a broker of websites or digital goods and take Commission.

24 sell develop the website

You can develop and grow a website and then sell it on higher prices to other people.

25 design contest

There are many websites where you can submit your graphic design according to clients’ need and if you are a winner you will get lots of money.

26 SEO Services

You can provide many different types of SEO Services like link building, guest post, commenting and many more by building a network.

27 virtual assistant

That’s where you can become the virtual assistant of a person or company any can perform tasks.

28 cryptocurrency

There are many ways you can earn cryptocurrency online and also you can trade through it.

29 guest post or content writer

You can write for other blogger par companies especially media think and can earn more money.

30 make a review site

Today you can review anything you want I have seen a website which only reviews shaving machines and earning lots of money through it buy affiliate marketing or ads. You can also compare two products.

31 get paid for searching on the web

Yes, there are many websites which give you money while you search online and also you can be a search engine evaluator.

32 sell your notes

There are many websites where you can sell your notes online many people are earning more than 1000 dollars through it.

33 create online courses

You can create online courses to show your knowledge of a particular field or software and then sell it on websites like udemy, skillshare, etc.

34 rent your items

Renting anything you won’t like home, parking space, car, etc you can earn extra money without doing anything there are many items which you can rent online.

35 do money transferring

You can transfer money from one wallet to another by taking a from it there are many people who are searching for it facebook Twitter etc.

36 Become a narrator

You can become a narrator as a freelancer or on amazon acx program

37 stock or Forex trading

Today stock or Forex trading becomes online where you can purchase and sell your stock of different companies or buy stocks of companies.

38 betting sites

Today there are many betting sites and prediction sites are available where you can money through your sports knowledge it is risk too.

39 crowdfunding

If you are searching for funding donation for your health purposes or business motives you can approach to crowdfunding websites where people can donate your money.

40 online contest

There are many contacts running online from game to design contest where you can participate and win great prices it totally depends on your skills and field you select.

41 built an online startup

Today many companies are turning online and starting there on startup and earning much money through scaling and building it.

42 build online software

Building online software is a difficult task but you can earn millions of dollars through it.

43 social media manager

Become a social media manager of a company or startup by handling their social media accounts by yourself you can search for it in your local area too.

44 make videos

You can make videos for other people. the video market is being grown very potentially so everyone is needing a video creator and editor.

45 sell your song or podcast

There are many sites where you can sell your song about the podcast and earn very good potential money

46 data analysis

Today every company is need data analysis you can do the job for it by learning how to do data analysis through courses or going to college.

47 Vlogging

Vlogging is becoming very popular nowadays and also you can share your experience through your websites and YouTube channel and earn lots of money through it.

48 write on medium

You are from the UK or the USA you can write on the medium partner program you can earn lots of money because the medium is a very huge authority site and your article will rank automatically.

49 sale t-shirt or your Merchandise of your design

You can sell your Merchandise or t-shirt with your design on websites like tee spring, Spreadshirt, etc.

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