Ways to earn Money Online as Graphic designer

10 Passive income for graphic designers you can do while sleeping
1) Sell your digital products
This is the most common things you heard in passive as it’s the best way to earn money we have added it here are some list of some siteswhere you can sell products
·      Creative market
·      Envato
·      Shuttershock
·      Freepik
2) Make your own fonts
Making your own font is also a great way to earn money also if you do calligraphy you will get repitution too and get more orders. Example Netflix change their fonts and paid a huge amount for making their own copyright fonts.
Here are the best photoshop extension you can use to make font
  • ·      Font self

3) become Affiliate
Yes you can prefer the client to buy  affiliate products and make a good income for it.
Here is some affiliate program that graphic designer niche
  • ·      Creative market
  • ·      Envato
  • ·      Esty
  • ·      Redbubble
  • ·      Shuttershock
  • ·      And all big market place

4) Sell design with products
You can sell your design printed merchandise and make a good profit like if you sell artwork of 5$ dolor If you sell product with that artwork you will get 15$ profit. Here are some list of sites you can refer
  • ·      Teespring
  • ·      Spreadshirt
  • ·      And many more search for it

5) Make blog or youtube channel
Its difficult to handle both graphics job and blog and youtube That why we put this option at your own choice. And it’s a time taking passive income. If u have enough time go for it
6) Sell course
You can sell course of your best graphic design skill many people will buy it for learning purpose you can go for this sites
  • ·      Udemy
  • ·      Skillshare

7) Be an influencer
If you are active and have good follower because of your skill be a social media influencer. You will be paid good amount to promote products.
8) Using freelancing site
This is not the passive income but doing is part time is a good option but don’t go for contest sites. You this sites for freelancing
  • ·      Freelancer
  • ·      Upwork
  • ·      Fiverr
  • ·      Truelancer

9) Selling free goods
Yes you can sell free mockup and graphic own by you thought link shortner and pay per download will make you 5$-25$ per 1000 views There are many website doing same and earning 1000s of dolor every month
10) Make your own multi vendor website
It’s a risk taking business. You will need around 1000$ to start this type of website where people can sell their digital products and you will get commission like creative market or envato.
1000$ is minimum needed to purchased domain and hosting to maintain it and also promoting site.

It all our thinking and we just showing passive incomes you can go for anyone but don’t start all things it will not be helpful for you

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