Photo Manipulation: Step by Step guide

This all tips are very useful at doing photo manipulation so u must go through it once…

1) Blur and bright
You must know where the photos should be blur or not. Sometimes many people make it too bright and ugly that know one likes it so be careful on brightness tones
2) Choose the perfect background 
Background is the backbone of photoshoot manipulation so be aware that you use the perfect matching background according to the themes if it horror then use smoke or dark background which suit best with the theme and here comes our next point
3) Themes
You must be aware of the theme you are using for photo manipulation it can be horror, environmental, science, modern, space and many more one tip is that if you are selling photos then choosing festival themes will make u beneficial
4) Use the creativity 
We have seen many people who just take a photo and put background do some brightness changes and tell that this is photo manipulation but the truth is only those photos will be like who have done some creative stuff like all pictures showing in the post
5) Make it realistic 
Of course also it is photo manipulation then also it should look real and true. Sometimes many photos viral just because it look real
So make sure you use real image not vector at the time all photos selections 
6) Make it attractive and bright
Making it attractive will give you many benefits and also provide more customers and people to involve with you and companies will give you many dollar for creating their brands. 
7) Color choice
You must have a good color choices as its the main factor of photo let’s tell you if you are manipulate a photo for disco themes with dull color is not usefull at all so be specific with colors 
Some more tips 
1) don’t use copyright images
2) using photoshop actions will make it easy
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