10 most asked questions of graphics designer

10 most ask questions of graphics design that you must know…

1) does graphics design easy
Well it is not you must have knowledge of software and designing or else it is useless and the passion is must you cannot think let’s make a simple logo and be a graphic designer it will harm your carrier 
2) what the salary of designer
Well its 250$-3000$ approx seeing your skill it can be more or less than this 
3) other ways to earn money through graphics design 
There are many ways you can earn money but it will take your hard work there are most popular ways listed here click here
4) does we need degree
Well it depends you can read this article click here
5) Does we do all types of graphics design 
With our experience Noooo because you should be master in one skill not run before all only try to improve your skills more
6) what are keys point of graphics design 
This is the key points 
7) which software to use
Adobe photo shop 
Adobe illustrator 
8) how to make portfolio
Well the best ways is to make your own website or create one on behance or dribbbles
9) what is portfolio 
It’s basically a profile which show your work and skill and it’s must for designers as clients ask for this first
10) How to learn graphics design
You can learn it from numerous way but the best free and paid methods are here click here to know

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