what is SEM: SEM vs SEO (search engine advertising)

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What is Sem ( search engine marketing)

Sem is means reaching out to potential visitors on our website through paid advertisement and getting higher ranks on google, bing, yahoo, etc. It includes many complex terms like CPC, volume, etc while doing paid advertisement that we will discuss ahead.

Difference between SEO and SEM

Seo means ranking organically without paid advertisement which takes time and hard work but it is beneficial in the long run it is best to rank on evergreen keywords like make money, SEO, hosting, etc.

whereas in short-run and fast results paid advertisement is the best option to take instant results it is best for products and services selling websites.

How to properly do SEM?

Before doing Search engine marketing or advertisement you have to familiar with these terms or hire an expert of SEM that manage and launch new ads campaign for your websites.

  1. CPC:- Cost per click means a cost that will be charged on clicks.
  2. CPM;- Cost per 1000 impressions
  3. Different types of ads:- Native ads, Display ads, Search engine ads, etc

To know more about different types of advertisement

Tips on doing SEM properly

  1. Set a Proper budget on daily basis
  2. Place ads on higher conversion keywords like drone is a high volume keyword but doesn’t convert well wheres Buy drone under 20$ coverts more visitor into customers
  3. Do daily experiments on the campaign and find winning ads
  4. Add call to action buttons on ads
  5. Provide offers and value to leads of other advertisements
  6. Try to collect User data to retarget them again like email, phone no, their interest through the quiz
  7. Do not place ads from non-trustful partners instead go for google ads, bing, etc.

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Now I hope u understand what is SEM and its meaning Till have doubt, questions Comment below I will Try to Help u at the Best

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