Social Media Post Design: Tip to create stunning design

This blog is for graphic designer and the people who want create social media design
1) Use infographic design
Now a day’s people like to watch info graphic video and photos. It makes the design creative and catchy. You can use this tool to create info graphic video click here to see 
There is some product listed below to make social media banner
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2) Give a call to action button
Make the design clear and provide all information that they require to meet your service instantly like email, phone no, address and website where they can find all information about company and short summary.
3) Use high quality photos
The main role in a social media post or banner is of photos. You must use proper and high quality photos. You can buy photos from shutter stock or can use free photos pixabay or unsplash.
4) Use proper font
You should use clear and professional font also use funny quotes and messages it make it engaging and understandable it will increase your followers
Here is a product that has many quotes templates you can buy
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5) Make an emotional attachment
Many company manipulate their customer by giving emotional feeling like Amazon makes offers banner emotional advertisement video which give them 20% more sales
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  1. very nice post and i buy the products too

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