30 tips and techniques on how to do logo design

30 Tips and techniques on how to create a professional logo   In this post we will discuss many tips and techniques of design a logo well not as easy as seem designing a unique logo so learn this once  

1) Make it clean

The most common tips ever make the design superb clean with perfect colors and position  

2) Understand the concept  

Don’t just start making a logo without any information and proper knowledge of branding example just seeing name j paints and its paint company you start making logo it’s not true. Take proper information like which people u want a target, type of logo you want, etc then design logo.

3) Color combination  

Use proper gradient and elegant colors for design and also make one black and white version of it which will help u decide colors

4) Make symmetric design  

Symmetric design helps you more than other nonsymmetric. It also reduces our working speed and also look beautiful especially in mascot design  

5) Sketch it  

Making a sketch of design is a good practice of logo designers it also helps us get new ideas  

6) Make variations  

Making variations in logo design give a better response then just one also some designers made different type of logo in many formats like typography, icon, mascot. Also showing different emotion in mascot is a good practice  

7) Font matters  

As a logo design, you must have a good font for a different design and should also be clear where to implement them

8) Custom typography  

Well everyone love custom typography after seeing a brand like coca-cola use custom typographic logo many other companies love this type of design  

9) Give a secret message  

Giving a hidden message in a logo gives them more attention like in amazon that smiles shows A to Z items.  

10) Give them motion feeling  

Making it look like in motion will make in more catchy like twitter logo a bird flying in an upward position.  

11) Use negative spaces  

We have already discussed negative spaces in our post is basically a blank space making some meaning.

12) Make it different  

Sometimes without knowing some people make generic look seeing tutorials and other inspiration so check it out is that ownable

13) Double visual technique  

Making it double visual is a good concept for making logo design so remember to use it as much as possible  

14) Golden ration  

Using golden ration is one of the best professional logo designer technique that gives logo perfection and unique look Click here to more about it  

15) Get inspire  

You can’t learn until u see some inspiration and logo design tutorial so be inspired but don’t copy it

16) Research about logo  

Research on the internet about brief and market of the logo and the after seeing competitors and audience make logo according to it

17) Mind mapping  

some time will not be doing a logo you will get an idea just note it and implement it may be the next best logo.  

18) Use grids  

Using grids make you logo perfect and also utilize your time while doing logo design. Use these tools to make the grid  

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19) Make vector  

Making vector is must in logo designing so do not forgot to convert it from raster to vector  

20) Use mockups  

Using mockup is must to present your design perfectly so that you can convey client  

21) Use a maximum of 2 fonts  

Using more fonts in the single logo makes in ugly and it’s a logo design first general rules  

22) Decide the theme properly  

Themes mean a combination of fonts, colors,   concept, creativity, and audience you have to understand and make whole design according to that  

23) Polygon technique  

Polygon art is generally used in illustration but now a day’s many people use it into logos to that make it important to learn

24) Make a process  

Many designs don’t make a process of doing designs so make a perfect process of doing design according to you or select this process   Read the brief Understand if properly Do online research Sketch some design Making in digitally Present it with mockups

25) Play with letters  

We always say playing and making letters unique always get better results So be creative with letters  

logo design inspiration sleep

26) Make an into  

You can charge more by making an intro to the logo. You should learn adobe after effects for that and charge over 100$ extra for the intro.

27) Lets the white space more  

Don’t mess with logo leave some white space or blank space between logo will make it more professional except in some case  

28) 3d logo design  

You can also design a 3d logo design which will cost more and you can learn it  

29) Remove the clichés and sharp edges  

Removes blurriness sharp edges will make it look more clear and professional  

30) Share your content  

Share your design and take feedback and improve you can also join FB group. See our group click here  

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After reading tips I am pretty sure that you might be able to create a better logo. Remember logo designing is not a piece of cake to do.

Quick revision

What should be kept in mind while designing a logo?

Fonts, creativity, themes and much more read all tips properly.

How many colors should you use in a logo?

It is preferred to use 2 color but you can use creativity. Color should be opposing each other or completely similar.

How long should a logo design take?

Well it depends on my experience it take 8hr-1day but making base design without revision will be only 1hr – 2hr

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