T-shirt designing: Step by Step tips and Guide

This post is for both client and designer so you can get better understanding of t-shirt design  

 1) Give a message  

There must be specific message in great typography so that people read and get attracted and purchase the t-shirt like emotion quotes. It depend on the niche you select that than comes second point  

2) Niche  

There should be niche for design and you must design according to that like in below example there is a bike adventure niche and with a great quote for your inspiration.  

t-shirt design inspiration of adventure

 3) Color use  

Color use depends on type of design like if the design is fancy use bright color with 4-5 combination but if vintage design use 2-3 color only with dull shade You can see many example on Google of t shirt design  

4)  Make a rough sketch  

Making a rough sketch give you better understanding and helps you make better designs and alternative to this you can see related designs and make it better than that

5) New the latest trend  

The best thing is to be aware as t-shirt or fashion designer is to follow latest trend in fashion and make design according to that will give you extra benefits while making or selling    t-shirt design  

6) Use mock-ups  

Using mock-ups will give better understanding of how the design will look like so you can better other necessary changes that might you miss while making design  

7) make it simpler then ever  

Simplicity is key in now a day’s trend so make it look like elegant and clean is necessary so make design as much as clear. Don’t use unnecessary element like ribbons or cartoons etc as it can make design look untidy  

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