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Top 4 reason graphic design industry going down that everyone should stop

1) Not valuing the work

Many designer charge only 5-50$ per design and spend hours of time doing design and got just 5$ then it will soon be lesser amount then beggar. Just think designers you do 5$ work for 10 client or you should do 100$ per one design there many people earning thousands of dolor per project.
If you find any these types of designer tell them to do charge more
2) Due to website like canva, design apps etc
If your clients are going towards this type of website tell them to see the post

It is good to make some free and quick design for your business but if you want to grow your business you must hire a professional and experience designers who can help you generating leads.

It also gives you full owner ship to a design as canva and other services does not provide you full rights
3) Not having proper knowledge

We have seen many designer who just start designing for earning purpose without having any knowledge and spoil the whole market
And if you are really interested learn it properly

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4) Design contests

Many of the client prefer design contest because they get reach to many designers
But the real truth of design contest websites is discussed below:-
Don’t provide proper payment and charge a 40% of the total payment made by designers
50% of contests are refunded or held
Take a lot of your time
demotivated many designers
You can go on contest site just for learning purpose don’t take it as carrier if you not getting orders then see this post for more ways to earn
click here
If you find it informative please share it so that people can get aware and stop the diminishing graphic market

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