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Top 5 type of 3D logo and their inspiration…

1) Letter and alphabet 3D logo:-
It’s the most basic level of 3D logo where we just have to give height and direction and color and make some creative stuff like texture in it like make it look like mine craft logo

2) Fancy 3D logo:-
It’s our one of the most liked design logo type by people here it make render the background text to obtain best 3D letter then make some edits and give it fancy and colorful looks like below
3) Geographical 3D figure logo:-
This type of logo is clean and has a unique geographical figure which gives them 3D look it look modern and branded. We very necessary to make it as understandable as possible because a little mistake and whole logo wasted.
                                      Image result for Structural 3D logo

4) Emblem 3D logo:-
In this type of logo we make such emblem which has an inward or outward 3D action like in down example. This type of logo needs expert skills to do and make creative logos. It is hard and time taking so it cost more.

5) Structural 3D logo:-
It’s basically represent structures and some element like fox logo. Demand of this type on logo is increasing daily as it’s very catchy and represent brand soon. To do this type of logo you sometime also need to know about 3D modeling software’s

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