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Top 7 killer Logo design Trends of 2018-19 let’s explore

1) Typography
Yes typography logo trend is back now a day is a craze as its simple and good looking. You can play with letter and make different shapes and patterns

typographic logo Tempmock

2) Funny and funky logo
The most known design trend. It’s basically a mascot or cartoons with funny pose and action. It’s very hard and complex logo design field if you will be able to do so I am sure you goanna make $$$.
3) Double visual logo
We have already discussed once about it once. It mainly making double explaining logo like let’s take ice-cream fort you can make ice-cream over fort and write name below

studio and tape double visual logo tempmock

4) Minimal logo
Clean, modern and elegant logo means simple and clear form of logo with some symbol and letter creativity you can search for its inspiration.

5) Geographical figure logo
This type of logo is mainly focus on geographic figure and should not be too colorful maximum 3 color you can see example below

6) Multi layered mask logo
This the logo type where you creatively mask a layered on photo on fonts and it’s very easy to do so you can also reverse it edit photo and mask the font over it.
7) Combined two shapes
Combining two or more shapes too create a logo it other great trend it’s somehow similar to the Double visual but it’s not necessary to make it always double visual.

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