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5 Tips on uses Negative Space
We will discuss top 10 tips on negative space in graphic design Click here if you don’t know what is negative space?
1) Make it simple

Making the use of negative spaces makes the user difficult to understand design as complex design will make so sense. So be simple as much u can

2) Prefer using 2 Colors in design

Using only 2 color will make it simple and clear to understand and also use less gradient so that it don’t look messy and make it bright

3) Combine 2 objects

Combining 2 objects will make it more attractive as its main purpose of negative spaces so don’t forgot to combine 2 objects

4)  Make use of Letters

As discuss in our previous post about where to use negative spaces we discuss about this. You have to play with letters to make better use of negative spaces so don’t forgot to use it will doing typography

5) Never copy negative space in one design

Using more negative space make it difficult to understand design also don’t use same thing 2 or more times it will make it look ugly

Negative space is good if you use it correctly and don’t mess out

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