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Uses of negative spaces in different field
Many designers use negative spaces in to make designs look creative so you should also know about this
1) Logo Design

Using negative spaces in a logo make it unique and more simple So be sure to make negative space in design as much as possible
Here are some inspiration blog of logo:-
pen logo inspiration negative space

2) T shirt design

Using it in T shirt design has also started as make it niche base and attract more sells so be sure to use it once in your designs
t shirt girls inspiration negative space

3) Videos and GIFs

Using negative spaces is not only limited to static thing they also use in video and gifs as in the example you make it to by learning after effects Well it’s not our blog topic so we cant help

4) Illustration

Uses it in illustration make the design more attractive but sometime messy and people don’t understand it so we don’t prefer you to use it
Bread illustration negative spaces

5) Typography

Using it between letter and words and become common trends of 2018-19 so you can find many companies using it now a day example below
negative space logo inspiration

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