4 killer ways to build and grow email list

Building a massive list subscription is a huge task but following these ways will make it a piece of cake for you some free tools that we recommend is privy, MailChimp, and hello bar.  

1) Spin to win email pop-up   

You can build a spin to win pop-up where if you are e-commerce site offer some discount or as a content or blog website give free knowledgeable stuff like e-books, audiobooks or anything else it will attract a huge potential audience and they will be ready to give you their emails. You can create this type of pop-up through a free tool like privy

2) Showing them proof  

You can make a gif pop-up showing proofs or testimonials about your service using free tools like hellobar  It is help user to understand that people whom they are subscribing is already achieved that stage and can put value to them. Here are some examples showing how it work. You can create this type of pop-up through hello bar

Full page email pop-up hello bar Gif

3) Creating exclusive podcasts and courses  

Giving free stuff attract more people but especially if you give only to those who have subscribed to the email list. Also, don’t give them all stuff in one email engage them for more than 1-month daily or weekly.   

4) Give them rewards   

Give them rewards through giving surveys, contest or any other engaging activities which attract them to come again to site you can give rewards like money, gift voucher, offers or freebies and tell them to share the site with others it will bring more audience. Creative market a well-known design marketplace offer 6 freebies per week to attract new customer and also engaging old customers. 

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