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Why many fail as graphic designer?

There are many point but the main point we will dicuss today are :-

1) Bad choice
Many people started its carrier by just thinking its easy and anyone can do it but they don’t get anyone You must be educated and passionate about this…

2) Not making portfolio
You must have your own great portfolio it may be on any platform or at you own website it will be great if you own your website it will boost your carrier

3) Wasting time on contest
Let’s take any site who is running its contest take about 15 days to over it you wait for that and not win its useless you must search for potential client instead of wasting time.

4) Build Audience
You must have your own audience and client who can depend on you and can work with you periodly you also have to be active in social media as its best network to build audience

5) Charge enough
You must charge high as low charging is not solution for gaining client quality matter more you must be unique.

6) Make a payment gateway for client
Make a easy payment gateway for client we recommend paypal (for wordwide) click here to visit and for India you can try Instamojo or paytm we recommend instamojo click here to visit

7) Make complete analizise of project
You must know everything about project and its requirements 100% so be sure what your client want everytime

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